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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Valid Reasons For Full Refund

  • Order Placed but Team has not started work, in this case, if you changed your mind we will issue a refund instantly.
  • The Optimization Done but the core web vital is as it is, No single improvement.
  • Optimization Done but the score is below 80 in Google page insight and lighthouse matrics. (Considering Pageinsight score was below 50 before optimization)
  • Optimization Done but the Score is below 90 in both Google Pagespeed Insight and Lighthouse Matrics. (Considering score was 50+ Before Optimization)
  • Optimization Done but results below 70% of what the team has promised even I (Client) followed all recommendations. (Like if we have promised to give your website 100 Score on PageSpeed Insight and we delivered only 69 or below.

Invalid Reasons For Full Refund

  • Optimization Done but Score is not 100%.
  • Optimization Done but there are a few errors left.

Valid Reasons For Partial Full Refund

  • Optimization Done to a certain level but the team is giving some recommendations that you can not follow.
  • Optimization not Done as Promised, results are below 90% of what team has told to achieve. Like If we promised to give 100% and we deliver only 90%

Note:- All Refunds can be issued within 14 Days of delivery, after that you can not claim any refund.

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